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Platelet-Rich Plasma Therapy is a cutting edge, no surgical procedure that uses your body's plasma to cure hair loss naturally. Patients who who PRP for hair loss or hair thinning have significantly improved hair thickness, greater density of hair follicles, and improved epidermal thickness. In PRP therapy, we the patient's plasma to harvest what is referred to as "Platelet-derived Growth Factor." and other bio-active compounds. This is done by taking a small amount of blood and extracting and concentrating the plasma. The resultant extract contains three to five times the concentration of platelets and growth factors found in a typical blood sample. The natural healing process depends upon platelets, which, when activated, release compounds that are used by many of the body's systems, including hair, to stimulate new cell growth and recovery.


Numerous recent studies have shown that by introducing the Growth Factors found in a patients' plasma to the hair follicles they are stimulated to produce more, thicker hair.  

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