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Facial Treatment
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Chemical peels remove  the damaged outer layers of skin to make skin smoother, reduce scarring and remove blemishes. Ranging from mild to strong, we offer three different types of peels. The strength of each peel is tailored to the patient’s skin condition and skin type. 

Our Salicylic acid peels are superficial peels that can significantly help reduce acne blemishes, clean out congested pores, and leave the skin feeling smooth. Salicylic acid is also an anti-inflammatory compound, which is a nice benefit for those with inflamed acne or rosacea prone skin. 

Our Jessner’s peel is a medium strength peel which can target dark patches, age spots, even out skin tone, reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, and help minimize melasma. 

And finally, our TCA peel can be customized as either a medium or deep peel, depending on the skin type and condition being treated. Come in for a consultation to see which type of peel is right and safe for you.

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